Sunday, 24 July 2011

Great video response to Panorama's "Addicted to Games"

Quite a while ago the BBC show "Panorama" did an episode that was about "Gaming Addiction". This episode got a lot of support from parents (including mine). Upon watching that episode I couldn't help but laugh at how utterly pathetic their attempts to put gaming in bad light were.
Now, I would go into further description about this but I came across a video not so long ago that shows just how flawed the episode was.
As a gamer myself I saw this as absolute brilliance and I would recommend watching it at some point when you have 30 minutes to spare.


  1. I agree, it always grinds my gears when they select isolated cases and then use them to describe a whole stereotype of people. followed!

  2. Interesting post :)


  3. Agree with Loic, they use the strategy of isolated and one in a million cases and blow it out of proportion as a scare tactic!

  4. you can be addicted to anything. i think for myself, i was addicted to video games for many years.