Saturday, 23 July 2011

Google+, is it going to replace the great replacer?

Google+ is rolling out across the world. Currently though, you can only join with an invite from somebody. This way of starting out a social network is cause great frustration amongst people. People ask "why not just open it up? You have the server power!" and Google reply "We want it to be perfect first!". My response to this? Total lie.
Don't go thinking that I dislike what they are doing, I think not opening it up is pure genius. By doing this they are causing people to get more and more eager to join and this is all generating hype as they ask all their friends if they're in and if they can get an invite from them. So when they ask their friends who don't know about it they will look it up and also get excited. This then causes the snowball to roll.
For the record, I am in Google+ and I am loving everything about it. The ability to hide things from different "circles of friends" so that you don't have so show your family photos you don't want them to see. Unlike facebooks solution to this in which you have to block you're whole profile to them, which can cause much distress amongst family.
On a final note if anyone who reads this isn't in Google+ then feel free to tell me your google accounts gmail and I'll be sure to invite you.
Oh and here's some funny videos about google+ (the 2nd video is funnier when you relate it to peoples feelings towards Googles rolling out process):