Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lord of the Rings War in the North - Fellowship Trailer

A more storyline based trailer that explains a little more what the plot of the game is :)

Friday, 29 July 2011

New Minecraft mob the "Enderman"

Shit's getting real! Notch's article on it.
A webpage I found with good pictures of it HERE

War in the North "yes'" and "no's"

Continuing on from my last post:
Local Co-Op: Yes
Number of Players Offline: 2 Players
Online Co-Op:Yes
Number of Players Online: 3 Players
LAN or System Link: No
Number of Players via LAN or System link: 0 Players
Splitscreen: Yes
Simultaneous Local and Online Co-Op:Yes
Number of Players Online with Local:2 Players
Drop-In / Drop-Out: Yes
Co-Op Specific Content: No
Single player content available in Co-Op: Yes
(Copied from this article)

Lord of the Rings: War In The North

War in the north is a new LOTR game due to be released August 24th  (according to PC gamer magazine) [EDIT: Other sources say November 1st]. 
It is set during the same period as the LORT books but your task is to take care of a threat to middle earth in North.
It will be a 3 player co-op online or 2 player co-op offline.
The gameplay looks very similar to that of previous LOTR games such as The Return of The King. The main difference being better looking graphics and much more fluid actions.
This game looks set to be the best LOTR game yet and due to it not being tied in completely with the LOTR story but still keeps the connection it gives players a feeling of familiarity and has allowed the developers to create a plot that works well with a game.
For those who have read the books and seen the maps of Middle Earth this is an excellent way to get to know some of the unexplored areas of Middle Earth and see what they would look like.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Left 4 Dead 2 to get Left 4 Dead 1 maps!

It says that Dead Air was released a few days ago in beta for L4D2 as part of the cold stream update and later this summer Cold Stream and the rest of the L4D1 maps will be released for L4D2 later this summer.


       EDIT: I think it's going to be free for PC and paid for on Xbox (lol console)

Monday, 25 July 2011

How to Turn a Girl On. Gangsta Style.

I've been subscribed to this guy for a while and earlier this month he released this video. Probably one of his best  ever.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Great video response to Panorama's "Addicted to Games"

Quite a while ago the BBC show "Panorama" did an episode that was about "Gaming Addiction". This episode got a lot of support from parents (including mine). Upon watching that episode I couldn't help but laugh at how utterly pathetic their attempts to put gaming in bad light were.
Now, I would go into further description about this but I came across a video not so long ago that shows just how flawed the episode was.
As a gamer myself I saw this as absolute brilliance and I would recommend watching it at some point when you have 30 minutes to spare.

Like Spotify? Like Video Games?

I came across this article the other day and it has links to a bunch of great tracks from video games. 
For those unaware of spotify it has a music player that allows you to play any song that have allowed there songs to be on there for free. The conditions are adds play every now and then and you are limited to how much you can listen to per month. You can't complain about that though can you? It's free! If you don't want the ads or the limited time then you canpay a monthly fee to get a premium account that gives you unlimted time, no ads, offline mode (basically you and store the songs on you PC) and a mobile app that allows you to use spotify on the go! 

Google+ gets 20 million users in just 3 weeks

Artile on Google+
This has made G+ the fastest growing social networking site ever despite it being invite only (told you it worked ;)  )

What is your browser of choice?

As I'm sure you all know, there is much debate between people over which internet browser is the best. I think we can all say without much doubt that the 2 most popular browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The most well known is most likely Internet Explorer (only because it is normally a computers default). There are still 2 others though, safari which is the standard for Macs but can also be used on PC's. The most unheard of browser of the top 5 is most likely to be Opera.
They all have their ups and downs, Chrome is the fastest but (as default at least) it isn't clear how to get to the settings etc. Opera is slow but is laid out very well and is a very organised looking browser.
Firefox and Safari probably come somewhere in between the 2. Firefox leaning slightly more towards Opera and Safari more towards Chrome.
Now we get to internet explorer. It's very slow and not very good.  That is all.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Battlefield 3: Alpha Montage

Well someone finally made what I think is the very first BF3 montage!
For those not familiar with Battlefield montage, they aren't about editing most of the time, just about the gun skill, music and timing.
Game's just so damn sexy! Too think I should be playing it right now if EA hadn't messed up my invite....

Approaching Nirvana (Music Artist)

Anyone looking for some new music that doesn't come from mainstream artists should check out Approaching Nirvana. They have some great music over there and they do a live stream every week on Infact there's one tonight! (23/07/2011).
All links to their youtube, twitter, and facebook can be found on the website.

FreddieW does Cowboys.

I strongly recommend everyone to watch Freddiew's latest youtube video. 
This week he had famous actor Jon Favreau on the video.

BF3 not going to be on steam? Why it doesn't matter.

There has been lots of upset amongst PC gamers that BF3 won't be on steam. This is because steam is very well established, they treat their users right and it's were all their friends are.
Instead of launching BF3 on steam they have created an equivalent to steam called "Origin". EA have said that they are in no way trying to compete with steam (which they obviously are as they have pulled it from steam and steam alone not they other download stores).
The reason I say not to worry though is because you can still play the game with your friends using origin and if you still aren't happy you can simply launch the game through steam so you keep your steam overlay.
Don't let the greed of EA ruin the chance to crush CoD and don't let EA ruin this for DICE. They are possibly the best developers ever (2nd maybe to Valve) and always produce excellent games.
PS. For those who don't know what steam is, it's a virtual store and community were you buy practically and PC game on the market and download it to your PC. The community part is a way of chatting and playing with your friends.

Google+, is it going to replace the great replacer?

Google+ is rolling out across the world. Currently though, you can only join with an invite from somebody. This way of starting out a social network is cause great frustration amongst people. People ask "why not just open it up? You have the server power!" and Google reply "We want it to be perfect first!". My response to this? Total lie.
Don't go thinking that I dislike what they are doing, I think not opening it up is pure genius. By doing this they are causing people to get more and more eager to join and this is all generating hype as they ask all their friends if they're in and if they can get an invite from them. So when they ask their friends who don't know about it they will look it up and also get excited. This then causes the snowball to roll.
For the record, I am in Google+ and I am loving everything about it. The ability to hide things from different "circles of friends" so that you don't have so show your family photos you don't want them to see. Unlike facebooks solution to this in which you have to block you're whole profile to them, which can cause much distress amongst family.
On a final note if anyone who reads this isn't in Google+ then feel free to tell me your google accounts gmail and I'll be sure to invite you.
Oh and here's some funny videos about google+ (the 2nd video is funnier when you relate it to peoples feelings towards Googles rolling out process):

Battlefield 3: Alpha invite.

So yesterday I log in to my email and get overwhelmed with excitement. I saw that I got a Battlefield 3 alpha invite! So of course I go to set it up. I give my location, I give my date of birth and I sign in using my EA account. Then I look at my screen with a heart renching feeling, it simply says: