Sunday, 7 August 2011

Going on Holiday!

Hey there guys! Just letting you know that as of tomorrow I will be in Southbourne for 2 weeks so the chances of me posting are slim! I'll try to get some pictures here and post them but not promises!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bohemia Interactive release Arma 3 screenshots

The 3rd in the highly successful PC game Arma is currently in development. Arma is famous for its high level of realism, massive scale battles and brilliant mission editor. 
The screen shots released show off some amazing views and heavy vehicles, aswell as a few screenshots of people.
Here is 2 of my favourites.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

10 Years of Battlefield

A guy I'm subscribed to on Youtube called Sgt. Enigma made this awesome complimation of all the Battlefield games.
If you like Battlefield gameplay you should check this guys channel out ;)

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Friday, 29 July 2011

New Minecraft mob the "Enderman"

Shit's getting real! Notch's article on it.
A webpage I found with good pictures of it HERE

War in the North "yes'" and "no's"

Continuing on from my last post:
Local Co-Op: Yes
Number of Players Offline: 2 Players
Online Co-Op:Yes
Number of Players Online: 3 Players
LAN or System Link: No
Number of Players via LAN or System link: 0 Players
Splitscreen: Yes
Simultaneous Local and Online Co-Op:Yes
Number of Players Online with Local:2 Players
Drop-In / Drop-Out: Yes
Co-Op Specific Content: No
Single player content available in Co-Op: Yes
(Copied from this article)

Lord of the Rings: War In The North

War in the north is a new LOTR game due to be released August 24th  (according to PC gamer magazine) [EDIT: Other sources say November 1st]. 
It is set during the same period as the LORT books but your task is to take care of a threat to middle earth in North.
It will be a 3 player co-op online or 2 player co-op offline.
The gameplay looks very similar to that of previous LOTR games such as The Return of The King. The main difference being better looking graphics and much more fluid actions.
This game looks set to be the best LOTR game yet and due to it not being tied in completely with the LOTR story but still keeps the connection it gives players a feeling of familiarity and has allowed the developers to create a plot that works well with a game.
For those who have read the books and seen the maps of Middle Earth this is an excellent way to get to know some of the unexplored areas of Middle Earth and see what they would look like.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Left 4 Dead 2 to get Left 4 Dead 1 maps!

It says that Dead Air was released a few days ago in beta for L4D2 as part of the cold stream update and later this summer Cold Stream and the rest of the L4D1 maps will be released for L4D2 later this summer.


       EDIT: I think it's going to be free for PC and paid for on Xbox (lol console)